About Us

2 years since establishment, QR team is growing progressively, from 2 employees to now 31 employees include 2 live streamers with Andrew while the rest of the team in charge of customer service, packaging, quality control, shipping, researching etc. By systemizing the workload, they’re able to achieve the key spirit of the live host industry which is team spirit. Everyone is very clear with their job and responsibilities, dream assembles a team, a team make the dream comes true.

While many companies are transforming to E-commerce, QR is going the other way. QR believes branding is a very important part of business that will make customers trust QR for the quality. Hence, with the retail store, customer will be able to touch and try the watches with a whole new shopping experience. In 3 years, QR is planning to set up at least 5 retail store nationwide, achieving online and offline development.

We can never really lose in life, we can always stand up where we fall and try again until the day we achieve our dream.

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